Gallery-SubImage-rileywiresProgressive Electronics Inc has a proven track record working on government projects. We have provided mass notification systems, telephone, data, and card access systems for many military installations. We are experienced in the US Army Corp of Engineers methodology and project coordination practices.  Managing projects from the start in co-operation with the  US Army Corp of Engineers, we have turned over many successful and always on time projects through out the midwest. We have completed projects as small as childcare facilities and as large as multiple 268 man barracks.
Progressive Electronics Inc understands the sensitive nature of business as an installing contractor within government facilities. We employ a full time staff of government approved and screened employees that have completed works in all area of the low-voltage field from local IRS, Social Security Administration, and Federal Reserve Buildings to location across the country for the Social Security Administration. In partnership with NOTIFIER, Progressive Electronics Inc has completed many projects under the U.S. General  Service Administration (GSA). Under the GSA contract, Progressive Electronics has completed successful projects for the Veterans Administration Hospital in Kansas City and Ft. Leavenworth.